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Over 10 years ago I was invited to my first 'FAVORITE THINGS' party.  In essence, every woman who attended brought their ONE favorite thing from that year.  In the early years, our limit was $5. We'd buy 3 of these items and through an elaborate name drawing exercise we would each leave the party with three different items.  I always left the party amazed at their uniqueness and usefulness, and all for under $5.

I began throwing my own FAVORITE THINGS Parties and continue to give my entire family 'my item' each Christmas.  (Not on the level of Oprah).  You can find a great number of these items at Gisela's Haus.  Each month I'll be featuring on this page one of my FAVORITE THINGS to share.   So without further ado....drum roll please...


Suffice to say that life threw me a curve ball (OK, A LOT of curve balls) as I approached my 50th birthday. There were days that I struggled to get out of bed and keep going, which was clearly inconsistent with my personality.  And then on my 50th birthday, my girlfriend Kristen gave me a pair of 'Notes to Self' socks that simply said






  • They are EXCELLENT socks.  They are my "go to" socks. The ones I hope are clean when I reach in the sock drawer.  
  • The idea of affirmation when I wake up and go to bed is simplistic and effective.  It's a great idea for our young adults as they navigate through life.
  • Love Laura Schnmidt and her 'can do' attitude.   Kind of reminds me of well,  ME.
  • Made exclusively in the USA`USA`USA`USA~(chanting here)

notes to self® wholesale


STRONG - 'I am strong'™ white low-cut w/ bold pink words


About Laura

Laura Schmidt started notes to self, llc to put her belief in the power of positive thinking into action (and on people’s feet!).

The idea for notes to self® socks arrived while she was looking at her feet. During a trip to Western Kansas with her family on New Year’s Day 2011, Laura watched the scenic Flint Hills roll by, while her feet were propped up on the car dashboard. She was thinking about one of her favorite topics, positive affirmations, and how the subconscious mind is most receptive early in the morning and late at night. At that moment, she turned to her husband, Garret,and said, “I think I’m going to put positive affirmations on the toes of socks!”

Laura’s hard work and a positive attitude have resulted in success in the corporate world, in direct sales, and as a dedicated mother of three in Prairie Village, Kansas. Laura’s enthusiasm comes from helping others increase their confidence and reach their goals. She says, “I like the idea that someone wearing the socks sees a phrase such as ‘I am strong’ first thing in the morning when they are putting on their shoes, and at the end of the day.” All day long, that positive reminder, said in the present tense, is there. The wearer has the choice to share that message with others, or it can be private. Either way, that positive phrase is influencing their thoughts and actions.





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