Great Items for the Kitchen

Some of Julie's favorite things for the kitchen!  These items make her scratch her head and say "why didn't I come up with that?!"

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  • Bowl Cover

    Eliminate plastic wrap with these reusable covers. The lining prevents moisture from escaping and ke…

  • Glass

    A kitchen staple, keep this embossed glass salt jar handy for those times when you need a dash, a pi…

  • Nest Colanders

    This set of two colanders stand upright to make washing and draining even easier, the two sizes are …

  • Oversize Mug Set

    Sipping on a hot latte is a true luxury, even if it is commonplace in the era of big coffee chains. …

  • Produce Bag

      Beyond Gourmet's set of 5 Reusable Produce Bags is an invaluable addition for …

  • Recipe Box

    2-piece set. Planked wood recipe crate features printed sentiment and arrives with ten printed kraft…


    4-piece set. Galvanized tin strapped napkin basket features coordinating tin weight and two glass re…

  • Tovolo Herb Snips

    Sharp and sturdy Herb Shears for everyday use. From snipping chives to basil, these shears have you …

  • Tri Peeler

    All your vegetable peelers in one handy, compact tool! Simply switch between blades to peel differen…

12 of 13 Items